Thursday, June 15, 2006

One Of Those Days

Just a quick one for the time being. In one photo you've got the three most important women in me life at the moment. Deborah, ever the girl with taste realises that it's egg she's eating and shows the respective face of disgust. Resting in the arms of her mother slightly covered by the eggstravagant travesty (copyright Bob Monkhouse r.i.p.) is the new addition to Dryden's Angels li'l Miss Abigail.

The main event though, is the woman doing all the feeding. Today I celebrate 3 years of being married to the most beautiful woman in the world. Is it easy - nope, for one thing neither of us are perfect and the imperfections can get in the way. (I've been the winner of the Understatement of the Year award once or twice in my time.) For all that there be no denying the fact that my life is a whole heap better for being married to this here woman - the wife as I love to affectionately refer her as on this blog.

This is not the full soliloquy or sonnet of praise and thanksgiving for this woman, and the English language has yet to produce the vocabulary to really express how I feel in my heart for her, but on this day of all days it's just enough to say to the wife - thanks for three years of pain and joy, I love you.

4 His Name's Sake


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