Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Own Worst Enemy - Just Saying

I was talking to a friend of mine recently and we were talking about some of the crazy, silly and annoying things people say. Apparently there was this report put together by the boffins at Oxford to discover some of the worst things people say. It came across a phrase that I love to take the mick out of and it’s one that another friend of mine and I use to describe some approaches to spirituality and that’s ‘it’s not rocket science’. Having conducted the minimal of research I find out that there genuinely is such a thing and it is worthy of its name but not its abuse. Do not be surprised, however, if you see me coming up with a quote from a rocket scientist proving once and for all that any enterprise engaged by your man cd is indeed not rocket science. I believe that level of authentication should set at ease all those concerned by the areas I’ll explore.

Another phrase grossly over-used and placed in the most absurd locations is that rejoinder that a particular scenario is not a ‘bed of roses’. Now I don’t know which genius came up with that reference but I don’t find exactly a bed of comfort and ease to have a lot of rose-pricks making their unsubtle indentations into my rather comfortable pyjamas.

Then I was thinking about a phrase I come across every now and then, that I also consider every now and then and that is the reference to some adversary or a despised foe as our own worst enemy. Think that through with me, someone’s worst enemy by definition is not an enemy worth considering at all. I mean there they are bungling around trying to make matters difficult for you and they are failing abysmally because of all they can do they are the worst at being your enemy. So when we think about what we wouldn’t do to our worst enemy, what we’re really talking about is how we appreciate the ineptitude of the one who ;proposes to be opposed to us. Fascinating really the words that we use and what they mean and how they should be used right.

Anyway, I mention the worst enemy bit in the context of bad sayings on reflection about who our worst enemy happens to be, especially from a biblical perspective. Now what must be really galling for the devil is knowing that although he is indeed our adversary and is completely opposed to any steps we choose to make in enjoying life, the reality is, he is not our worst/best enemy. I am. Sure the roaring lion goes about seeking whom he may devour and as the prince of the power of the air he surely is a formidable foe. However what gets me in trouble is me. If I could not be tempted, his influence would be as powerless as he now really is following the victory of Christ on the cross.

So in seeking God and reconnecting to Him by faith, if I co-operate with Him, I can have brief glimpses of the pre-Fall state where in actuality I had the ability to enjoy God’s creation and because of my relationship with Him there was no temptation whatsoever to sin. Temptation only has the power that I give it. So there’s no point tempting me with particular foods, because I despise them, Thus the more I get back to God’s original blueprint for how I am to live, the more I will despise the things that get me into so much trouble. Then I’ll be my own worst enemy not sleeping in a bed of roses. That’s rather straightforward to me after all, it’s not rocket science.

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