Monday, September 07, 2009

A Word On The Web-Site Of The Moment

I felt it would be worth having a brief word on the web-site of the moment.

A voice crying out in suburbia has the tag-line the random thoughts of one saved by the sovereign grace in God, in gratitude that He chose me when I would never have chosen Him.

I’ve probably been reading Arthur’s blog on and off for about seven months now. What I like about it is the basis he starts from as one who evidently doesn’t fit into the mainstream institutional expression of church even as part of a reformed mind-set. His commitment to living out his beliefs to the point of wanting to see church be the church rather than sustain methods and forms that stifle its identity is very appealing to me.

What I find impressive about Arthur is how this is just one a number of blogs to which he contributes and that he finds the time to put so much mind-engaging material on shows just how intelligent and gifted the man is. He certainly doesn’t use his views as a platform for a superiority complex and is at pains to portray himself as just another follower of Christ making his way through.

He also 8 children (that’s right eight as in one more than seven, as in a healthy household) and is all about the home-schooling a path I am seriously considering meself. I love reading his range of entries on the issues that spring to him mind. He endeavours to let his views be marked solely by the word rather than being a fan of a particular well known preacher or teacher.

I strongly suggest you read his stuff and see for yourself why I highly recommend him.

For His Name's Sake



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