Monday, September 07, 2009

September Update

Do you think I enjoy these gaps? Really? I mean back in the day when I wasn’t so fussed about getting stuff done on the blog it wasn’t such an issue. Now, in the light of a good run in July and August I was all set for September to continue the trend. Yet with a number of pressing assignments and engagements I’ve not even had the opportunity to make as many notes as I’ve been used to making anyway.

With that in mind there have been a few thoughts brewing to blog about. There were some that I could have considered blogging about like – what is the difference between Christians and non-Christians in an age where the behaviour of both doesn’t differ that much? What would a church look like if people knew what it was to be submissive to each other? How has America affected the way we live?

I finished reading the Diana Ross biography on Friday and it made for fascinating reading. Today in fact I was all caught up her most memorable song of my lifetime; the Barry Gibb inspired Chain Reaction. I’m Coming Out has also been in my head for the majority of the day today. I know it’s been adopted by the non-heterosexual community to express their freedom of sexuality. I hear it in a completely different way where it is actually the emergence of the finished product from the cocoon state. From a theocentric perspective it is good to be in the position where after so many years of living within yourself you’re able to discover what you’re meant to be and flourish in expressing it.

Currently the books I’m working through are an analytical view on Hugh Hefner that I’ve had from the library for at least three months now and I haven’t got round to making my way through it, the Oona King diaries and of most interest to me is Stuart Murray’s Post-Christendom. What Murray proposes really has some serious implications for our perspective on life as Christians today. I am looking forward to making a more detailed review of the book on completing it.

Still, just a short one for today to let you know I miss you and I’m glad I’ve posted today.

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