Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Thanks Father For My Dad

You may have noticed yesterday that the entry mentioned my mother. I may have mentioned before, family is very important to me, especially the immediate family in which I was brought up. I was brought up in an isolated background so my siblings and parents meant a great deal to me. Mum and Dad recently celebrated 34 years since their wedding. It is quite a feat to make it to that number and now with their three children all producing grandchildren for them it is such a significant time to rejoice in their marital union.

More significant still, however, is yesterday was my dad celebrate his 76th year on the planet. I don’t blog that much about my dad. I’ll blog about my mum and my brother in particular, but not really about my sister and rarer still about my dad. This is not deliberate; it’s just the way the thoughts and notes have come about.

The measure of manhood for me was started off by my dad. For the changes that have taken place in my life and the various male figures who have been role models it all starts and ends with my dad. He was no big shot. Never really headed for the front or taking the limelight, my dad is the epitome of understated. It is easy to overlook the contribution that my dad would make to anything, but his absence would definitely be noticed. He never needed to say much at all and so when he did speak more often than not it was always worth paying careful attention.

Up until my married life my dad remained something of a mystery in terms of who he was. He was not one to reveal himself and get all autobiographical. He was not into physical displays of affection, but his presence and unstinting loyalty meant more than anything. It really appeared as if nothing would phase him. That didn’t mean he was averse to quirks. The most endearing quality are the little oddities that will incur his wrath – wearing shoes in the house when we had slippers for example.

So as my dad goes from strength to strength enjoying the fruit of his labours back at his home in Jamaica I have to give God thanks for the life of my dad.

Thanks Father for my dad’s consistency – the unwavering way in which he persisted in his home responsibilities without complaint.

Thanks Father for my dad’s patience – refusing to allow situations to stress him out and looking to keep a calm composure in every situation. Indeed thanks that dad was the guy that kept his head while others were losing theirs.

Thanks Father for my dad’s sense of perspective – whether in success or failure he knew in Whom he believed and that there was nothing more important than realising that everything was in Your hands.

Thanks Father for my dad’s sense of justice – regardless of whatever anyone thought, thanks that he looked to act fairly in all his dealings and his integrity would not be questioned by anyone.

Thanks Father for my dad’s sense of humour – living up to his surname always with a wry sense of humour fit for the occasion and easy on the laughing.

Thanks Father for my dad’s persistence – despite not being academically inclined his dedication to learning to develop reading every night would significantly impact his children.

Thanks Father for my dad’s simplicity – as others chase the futility of material gain my dad showed the real value of those things of an eternal nature – Christ-like humility and following Him always.

Thanks Father for my dad’s worshipful vulnerability – whenever he was abandoned to Your presence in praise and adoration he and you would share in ways that we may not have seen in him otherwise.

Thanks Father for my dad – his good bits, his bad bits, the way he has garnered so much appreciation from those who know and love him. Thanks that his legacy is seen in the positive qualities of his children and those that whom he would befriend.

I used to say that if I was half the man that my dad was then I’d be doing well, but I’ve grown to appreciate that my dad has done what he could in his life to put down the markers for his children to go further than he has gone. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it, but I do know that the faith of my father in the Father rests in me and I will like him endeavour to do all that God calls me to do. Hopefully one day dad and I will share all our life’s pursuit in eternal praise of the Father who makes it possible. In the meantime this is a small token of the great appreciation, love and affection I have for my dad and our Father in heaven who has made this relationship what it is.

For His Name's Sake



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