Sunday, November 01, 2009

Breaking The Silence - An Opening

Much to say about what’s been going on the interim period – tests, failures, successes, visits, home-stays, books read, bed slept in, boring conferences attended, friends met, friends adored, comedians seen, decisions made, with all kinds of significant implications as a result. Also faced a life-threatening illness, weakening more than any I’ve had before and only just about getting over it. It has really been a manic time with a lot more to be said on the issue. There is a silence to be broken and this note is my expression of gratitude that after so long without putting finger to keyboard even to begin getting the thoughts expressed now I’ve got a chance to begin untapping some of that stuff. So be prepared in the upcoming days to read a bit more into what exactly is up with dmcd.

Welcome to November, people, this here is my month and special for obvious and less obvious reasons. I hope to be present a bit more this month than I was last, but as future comments will outline, don’t be surprised if it proves a challenge. In the meantime as I keep asking, keep praying for your man cd. I love God, I love Jesus, I’m grateful for their Spirit which they’ve poured in my hearts. I love my wife and beautiful children. I love my family and intend to do right by them. It be an interesting road ahead, though – an interesting road in interesting times, indeed. Stay tuned.

For His Name's Sake



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