Monday, November 23, 2009

You Don't Have To Roll The Old Chariot Along

I had one of those trains of thought lately that you don’t ignore because it gets you thinking about something that you often take for granted. OK, you may not being the ever observant, considered and thoughtful person you are, but until I grow up to be just like you, I’m left with these occurrences.

Who was the writer who put together the song Roll The Old Chariot Along? (We sang it differently, but then that’s to be expected, we’re always different we are.) I’d like to know what on earth was going on in his head. I know my parents’ era loved that kind of song. I can still see it now in a typical service where people get all emotional and high on the song, obviously with the appropriate beat and musical accompaniment. Given the right atmosphere some people may get all carried away ‘in the Spirit’ with the thought of rolling it over him.

Has anyone checked the lyrics to that song, though? I mean really, what on earth is the old chariot? Why can’t we look behind? Who wants to roll an old chariot along? What’s in the chariot that makes it so special? Where is the liberty given to use the vehicle as a weapon of demonic aggression?

What do you expect to do in rolling it over the devil? You ever noticed how Jesus engaged with demons by expelling them from whomever they were inhabiting, but you’ll notice he doesn’t destroy them. You’ll also notice the complete removal and destruction of the forces of evil is scheduled for the end of time. Our engagement and encounter with the aforementioned forces of evil is one in which by the power of the name of Jesus we are able to overcome evil with good and victory is enjoyed when we do that good and then the enemy is obligated under spiritual protocol to do a runner having met his match with the Creator of the known and unknown universe. You’ll notice that the running over of those opposed to the venture of discipleship with an aged chariot is nowhere prescribed.

That would be bad enough, but then to go as far as to promote the use of such vehicular violence on people opposed to your forward progression is surely irresponsible and may be a subliminal support to the enjoyment of games such as Grand Theft Auto.

Here the new generation could give new lyrics to the traditional favourite. Here it is the case of speed the latest pimped up ride to the location of choice and rather than rolling it over the opposition proceed to use souped up weaponry to dispose of any who are likely to prevent that progressive propulsion.

Of course with the local law enforcement officers in hot pursuit the advice to never look behind may indeed prove to be ill-chosen if the constabulary happen to be right on the rear and about to exercise their duties in placing you under arrest.

The song may have worked for the militant civil-rights, establishing our place on the planet strongly generation, but those of us who actually want to be peace-makers and realise that the only violence required for that is to forcefully enter the Kingdom then such as song really is unnecessary and actually pointless.

If you’ve read this and you’re wondering with that quizzical look if this guy’s for real welcome to one of my regular trains of thought that takes you to destinations you don’t know through some stations that make sense and some that do not. There’s enough to be getting on with, so make of it what you will.

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