Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Where Do I Fit In The Larger Scheme Of Things

This is not designed to be a long blog at all. I’m here in the midst of assignment fun where I’ve got something like three assignments to get completed before Monday and that’s not straightforward at all, but by the grace of God everything is possible. In my case, it has to be really.

Today I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how the Sermon on the Mount is about the character of God being lived out. I’m sure I must have mentioned before how this whole sermon/teaching has to be taken as a whole. There is a piecemeal approach that means people miss out on so much that holds it together and the themes that run through it. For example anxiety is only a real issue and treasures on earth will bug us when our focus is away from brings us into a relationship with God in the first place. That is to say when I think my issues are more important and humility is no longer an issue then it’s no wonder I get anxious. Likewise loving my enemy is nigh on impossible when I’ve forgotten my perpetual state of mourning because of the helpless and hopeless position I find myself in without God. I haven’t even touched on the characteristic of being merciful or being pure, because these cannot be an issue until I recognise just how greatly in need of God I am.

In my current circumstances a desperate dependency on God cannot be over exaggerated. Not just in terms of the assignments and other pressing decisions, but in getting the whole life balance thing right. I am endeavouring not to be anxious about everything, but in everything by prayer and supplication and with thanksgiving making my requests known to God. I want to maintain a sane mind before God, one that remains ever connected to Him. One that recognises that without Him I am nothing and that all I do is only possible through Him.

What these events continue to do is expose my own heart to me, which is another crucial element about the teachings of Christ that cannot be overlooked especially in the craze of ‘what does it mean to me’. It is just more obvious than ever that rather than make the bible fit my world I need to fit the world that the Bible is painting and ask myself how do I fit here. How do I fit in what God wants from His children? What becomes ever more evident and all the more harder to live up to is that this is a theocentric business and God does what He does for His glory and to be a part of that is a privilege in itself. The sooner I get that in my system, the sooner I feel liberated to enjoy the part I play in God’s orchestral symphony classic.

Right. Now back to those assignments.

For His Name's Sake



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