Monday, November 02, 2009

What Have You Got To Say For Yourself?

It was a pity, really. I didn’t plan to end it that way at all. As I’ve noted on a number of occasions I love the writing gig and particularly the rhythm of blogging. So to have it abruptly cut short with apparently no explanation was not of the plan at all. Here is an attempt to explain it which has to be as niftily put together as possible so as not to over-step the mark.

So from 17th and 18th. Now if I’m not very much mistaken, that was the weekend where the youth had taken over the new facility – let’s call it COG Phase 3. As a result the deal about going to the Potteries Centre was meant to be covered by Hughie and myself. OK what do I mean by the Potteries Centre being covered? Well October was Missions Month for the church and doors had been opened and favour found to be able to put up a presentation on black history with all the cultural effects and to be able to promote the community elements of COG. That was to take place in four of the five Saturdays in the month.

As it turned out I hardly spent that much time at the Potteries Centre and spent most of it staying on at Phase 2 in case anyone turned up. I was also scheduled to be seeing a bible teacher I respect highly who was popping into the city. So I curtailed what was left of the Potteries Centre gig to go up the other end of the city and really enjoy some outstanding material on conflict, which as things are developing will be ideal biblical principles to follow! They had a veggie chilli on offer during the session that was simply delicious! The following day was meant to be completely dedicated to the preparation of the micro-teach assignment that’s been taking up blog space over the last Tuesday or so. Hence me not saying much online at that time. I did blog on the DTLLS interblog … but that doesn’t count here does it. So I was meant to focus time and energy into it, but it didn’t really work out. The Monday was spent thinking about and preparing for the event on that Tuesday.

Tuesday came and went and I was thoroughly disappointed with the level of performance I gave. It was a truly disappointing work put in and made me think that enough was indeed enough. You see there had been a driving issue that I had procrastinated over for a number of weeks which was linked to an issue that’s been outstanding for a number of years. Things had finally come to a head on that Tuesday night. It was a very significant time and I procrastinated no longer. I put finger to keyboard and finally put together the hardest letter I’ve ever had to write, but let me tell you it was the most liberating letter I ever had to write. The consequences of the letter are rather wide-reaching indeed, affecting every area of my life from the most intimate to the seeming most mundane. I would understand someone thinking I’m being over-dramatic, but in actuality even now the full effects of what that letter contained are yet to be experienced.

In any case, that Tuesday night/Wednesday morning letter writing exercise was immensely releasing. So we’re on Wednesday 23rd October and this was the day where I was able to get some semblance of settling down to the regular hum-drum busyness of life. That included going to a multi-faith event in the evening. That proved to me once and for all that multi-faith initiatives are fraught with inherent problems that cannot be wiped over by joint community projects. The event was nauseating to my spiritual antennae only in seeing different faiths evidently competing for just how good they are on values that show their ability to co-operate with each other. I was glad to be gone from there. So that was another late night and so no time for blogging.

We move onto Thursday 24th October where there was a meeting of those in a community organisation in which I’m involved. One thing I can definitely say about the experience of working in these areas is that it’s so important to make the time and exercise the passion for such things. It’s also important to ensure these don’t become personal fiefdoms where however the systems are set up they are still heavily dependent on an individual being the key to all information. That’s not always possible, but the level of energy required to keep it accountable is substantial – especially for a voluntary organisation. If there is no infrastructure for that to take place, sometimes the most notable course of action is withdrawal. Thankfully because of other far more overwhelming factors that is the least challenging issue. Another late night, especially as under the stresses of the week I had not been able to maintain a good sleeping pattern. That night was a good night’s sleep especially having dispatched some important correspondence in the appropriate location.

This is only giving part of an explanation of what I have to say for myself. There is still plenty to share, including more on what the correspondences were all about and where I’ve been in the last week or so, or more accurately how to get a break whether you want one or not. That’s to come in a future blog entry. For the time being. Know that I still love God, I love life, I love people especially my wife. God has been so amazing to me and I’m looking forward to continuing to spend a lifetime of gratitude in going where He wants me to go. Stay tuned for more updates.

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