Friday, August 18, 2006


I should be shot really - although I mean that in the figurative sense before I get a bunch of my friends coming to answer my request.

I should be shot for not introducing you to this guy's work sooner. One of the most influential encouragers in my life and someone who brings out a lot of the Word is saying in relevant ways is a dude who calls himself Hap. I've known of him for a couple of years now and at first he was prolific and making cartoons with spiritual messages, now he's branched out to bring out spiritual/biblical principles for application in regular cartoons/comic strips that he comes across which I can imagine saves some time on the ol' drawing!

Needless to say I think he's the business when it comes to this kind of thing and it is only a matter of time before his gift is recognised with the appropriate financial backing. I'm still praying that Rupert Murdoch's heart will be turned to the LORD and reflected in a healthy injection of funds into Hap's ministry. It may seem like a far way off, but you might as well pray for something that only God can do!

Click the cartoon and check the brother's web-site for yourself and whatever you can afford to give in support - in finances or in encouragement - give generously.

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