Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Thoughts for the Day - My Style!

As you may already know, I'm working now! That's right, I earning an honest wage, I'm bringing in the corn, I'm putting the bread on the table, I'm providing for my family, etc. etc.

Anyway, the job that I have affords me the opportunity to distribute daily thoughts - almost devotional type things and it occurred to me today that it made sense that I stick these up on this here blog for a number of reasons.

One, it assures more regular entries and thereby allowing me to be more disciplined in me writing. Two, it allows me to engage more with the Word and share with you what's going on with me in terms of word development. Three, unlike the work scenario, I can afford to go into more detail and be more frank in sharing what I have to share. Four, I hope people will be encouraged as a result of what I share.

So with that in mind, I'll slap today's thought as a separate entry, but before I get into it let me give you some insight into the making of it.

Whilst completing the reading book of Joshua today I did come across something interesting. In Joshua 9 I read about the Gibeonite deception – an ingenius plan of a group of people to get themselves away from the annihilating machine that was the Israelite army. In any case the key to the deception is found in verse 14 where the people check out the envoy that’s turned up, but don’t ask God. In a sense, as ever, it’s understandable. After going on a great unbeaten stretch that’s seen Jericho demolished and Ai soundly defeated, the people would be feeling their oats a bit. So when they get the full flattery treatment, they don’t necessarily feel the need to check with God – but therein is the downfall. As a result of not checking with God, the people are hood-winked and have to resort to sticking to a peace agreement struck with the Gibeonites and instead turn them into servants. It’s a salutary lesson in terms of the importance of getting the thumbs-up from God in what we’re doing and not just leaving it to ourselves.
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