Saturday, September 30, 2006

30 Days of Blogger's Bliss - A Review

In terms of this 30 day thing with the blog it’s been great, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of being disciplined to write something and post it. David was great in giving some constructive criticism on some of the posts in terms of them lacking bite. I concur with the analysis on reflection and I put that down to two factors. One, with the main workday entries as they’ve been at best expansions on the daily thoughts that I post to the staff then they’ve necessarily had to be a bit toothless as I endeavour to edge my way round communicating to the audience in a relevant way. There again I feel like I’m straining on a leash and not getting to really let full steam blow on that, but I’ll have to see how that goes at work. The second factor is that as it’s a daily entry thing even on the weekend I don’t really give that much thought to what’s going up in terms of reviewing the material and analysing whether I’ve said the strongest thing that I can on a given subject or issue. Therefore even the Almighty’s Awesome Deeds series does not hit the heady heights because I more or less read the verse, contemplate content, put it down, and with little editing or revision post it. As I consider that I don’t really give it my best shot, which is disappointing but it’s necessitated by circumstances.

As a result of this I don’t think I’ll necessarily post the staff daily thoughts on the blog unl
ess it’s particularly appropriate. Likewise I won’t pressure myself to have a daily entry on the blog and rather ponder and note any things that I read and study in a period of time and then create the post to the best of my ability even if it just means a weekly post or maybe every few days. Yet I do want to continue posting entries on this blog as well developing work on other blogs that I hope to be involved with over the season. The writing thing is definitely something I’m all the more committed to developing over time. I want to see what I can do with some of the teaching series I’ve already done and those I’m about to do. If I can convert them to text that may also help with the writing thing, and as ever reviewing these notes should trigger off issues that I can write about.

So in doing this I believe I’ll set myself a target to be ready to do another month’s of daily blog entries perhaps by this time next year should the Lord tarry and spare my life.

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