Friday, September 15, 2006

Daily Thoughts - The Awesome Deeds of the Almighty

Say to God, "How awesome are your deeds! So great is your power that your enemies come cringing to you. (Psalm 66:3)

It’s refreshing to know that we serve a God who’s deeds are down as awesome. Sometimes in thanksgiving it’s good to actually be reminded of what God has actually done. Not just through Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection – awesome though that is, but the great list of triumphs and works recorded in His Word from Creation (check the beautiful pix!) to the New Kingdom. If it was any human being making a list of their achievements it would be counted as arrogant or boastful, the difference with God is He backs it up with truth – it’s not arrogant if it’s the truth. It’s not boastful if it happens to be a matter of fact. It’s particularly appealing when we consider that these acts were done for His glory and so we can share in this by faith on His side. He actually wants us to take a look at what He’s done, be totally blown away and engage in praise and confidence in relating to a God who is able to make His enemies cringe.

Imagine being in the same ring as Muhammad Ali. Imagine being on the same pitch as the Brazil football team of 1970. Imagine being in the same writing room as William Shakespeare. Imagine being in the same city as Elijah. Imagine being on the same road as Gandhi. Imagine being in the same nursing room as Florence Nightingale. Imagine that, the honour, respect and awe in being in these people’s company and how their peers would not be able to match their brilliance in their given field.

Multiply the level of awe and wonder by a billion and we maybe getting close to the awe we’re meant to be experiencing when we consider the works of our God. No wonder the enemies of God don’t even bother coming in the same atmosphere as Him. And think about God’s enemies today – doubt, fear, pride, disease, division, ignorance, etc. Really, if we were to put these up against God there would be no competition at all, yet sometimes we succumb to them. Perhaps when we reconsider the perspective of the Almighty we can allow these issues and factors to cringe in the light of His glory. Indeed bring anything that opposes God and put in comparison to Him – do it and rejoice and then follow the psalmist’s advice and rejoice and actually acclaim the God we serve. That’s more than a suggestion!

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