Friday, September 01, 2006

Blogging Bliss

Today as the start of September sees the start of my 30 days of Blogging Bliss where I endeavour to put an entry on the blog every day during the month. Something of worth, but not necessarily something overly heavy.

Just a discipline thing that I’m looking to do – I know that’s meant to be the whole point of a blog to do it kinda every day, but I don’t, and I’m looking to do so now, so there you go. That does include the morning or afternoon thoughts, but I’ll look to do a bit more than that here and there and it won’t all be heavy stuff. I mean check the Challies site today to see something really hilarious! It’s on me links list down the side of this page.

Anyhow – onwards and upwards!

4 His Name’s Sake
da man cd

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