Friday, September 29, 2006

Daily Thoughts – The Almighty’s Awesome Deeds: Public Announcement

An God spoke all these words saying,. (Exodus 20:1)

Throughout the book of Genesis when God speaks, He’s usually talking to an individual or a family. He doesn’t talk to a tribe, let alone a nation. Throughout the dealings with the Israelites up to this point in Exodus God has spoken through Moses. Indeed it’s as a result of the last awesome deed of the Almighty that Moses’ leadership is fully recognised.

Although the Ten Commandments are awesome in and of themselves, it’s fair to say I’ve taken for granted the fact that God spoke all of the words. Not written, not through a prophet or mediator – live and direct. Later on we realise that such was the power and awesomeness of the Divine Public Announcement that the people urged Moses to let God do all the talking through him – they couldn’t stand it.

Sometimes today it’s easy to take for granted the sheer awesomeness of the Almighty Himself speaking. People often say ‘God said to me’, ‘I felt the Lord tell me’, and everybody’s favourite ‘God told me to tell you’. Yet the very fact that the Almighty communicates direct should be a cause for us to stop and appreciate exactly what has happened. Like appreciating the grandeur and beauty of creation, when we consider that the Almighty chooses to talk to us it should be a truly heart-stopping moment.

In essence we don’t deserve to hear God talk to us. Having rejected Him by sin our actions deserved only one last piece of communication by God to us and that was the invitation to hell. As it is not only does He choose to reach and communicate with man but when He first chooses to do so on a corporate level, it is to outline in loving manner just what He’s done for us and how we can now live life to its best in accordance with His will.

That’s awesome.

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