Sunday, September 03, 2006

Evening Thoughts: How Do You Sleep?

I can lie down and sleep soundly because you, LORD, will keep me safe (Psalms 4:8 CEV)

OK so I left it late to put up today’s post, but thanks be to God I’m doing my bit to keep up with my commitment. Tonight’s thought is more than apt considering the time it’s going up!

There was this pop group called the Beatles, you may have heard of them, they had a couple of good tunes in the 1960’s and attracted a bit of interest here and there with their pretty tunes. They were comprised of four men and the nucleus of the group was the songwriting skills of Mr. John Lennon and Mr. Paul McCartney. The group performed and recorded up until 1970 when the group was acrimoniously dissolved at a high court. Such was the acrimony particularly between Mr. Lennon and Mr. McCartney that both had little digs at each other through veiled messages (and sometimes not so veiled) in a couple of their early solo efforts. Mr. Lennon in particular was not backward in coming forward and released a tune on an album entitled How Do You Sleep? It was a biting critique of his former partner’s efforts in the music business, indeed one of the most cutting diatribes against a friend you’ll hear committed to vinyl including such a point as ‘the only thing you did was Yesterday’ with reference to a tune with which Mr. McCartney was attributed that was fairly popular at one point.

Anyhoo, as I recall Mr. Lennon asking that question, I also ask that question of many people – although not with such harsh overtones. My issue is in a culture that needs sleeping pills to get to sleep and has a number of those suffering with insomnia. And even if we make it to the land of nod it is often troubled with anxious thoughts and concerns for what will take place in the future. The land of nod can also bedevil us with thoughts of yesterday and the things we did or should have done. We’re bombarded with messages suggesting that we don’t live in a safe world anymore, and the threat of violence or harm is said to be more real than ever before. The Fear Factor is no longer just a television concept but a crippling epidemic affecting young and old.

So how do you sleep? Well for me I’m grateful that like the psalmist I can lie down and sleep soundly. It’s a really odd thing that the only thing that gets me out of sleep is the rare occasions of ill health for most of the time I get to sleep and sleep as soundly as if a nuclear disaster would be required to trouble my slumbers. I put this assurance to nothing that I’ve done or nothing I can do. I’m not in any particular way more special or unique to experience this blessing. I put it down to an innate knowing that God has me protected – and not just me, but my loved ones as well, so that as I sleep I do so in confidence of sleeping in the arms of a loving Father who guides and protect my family, friends and I.

I hope and pray that this assurance will give you a good night’s sleep.

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