Friday, September 08, 2006

Thank God For ... My Dad

Today is my dad’s 73rd birthday and sadly I won’t be able to call him to offer many happy returns, but this little tribute is my own way of saying happy birthday.

The more I get to know people, the more I appreciate my dad. I know that not everyone was brought up by their dad and even those that were didn’t have the best of relations with them. Now my dad isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination and for a brief season in my life I was only too aware of his imperfections. Yet the fact remains that my dad’s presence has been there for me all during the years of my growing up.

It was my dad’s example that encouraged me to get into reading and from there launched a whole range of opportunities for me that allow me to where I am and achieve what I’ve done in life. Now my dad is no great scholar but his simple perseverance in reading every night was something that struck me as a good thing to follow. When there was anxiety and chaos flying about my dad was the epicentre of calm and peace.

My dad wasn’t rich, but in that he taught me that I could be content without money. My dad didn’t have hundreds of friends, but in that he taught me that I could be content without popularity. My dad didn’t have a lot of qualifications, but in that he taught me I could be content without formal education. My dad worked hard and taught me that contentment can still come when I do that. My dad was committed to his family and taught me that contentment comes when I put my family as a priority. My dad is a consistent, humble servant and taught me that contentment comes through being faithful.

Not once in my childhood do I recall ever feeling insecure because of my parents. There was never a time when I thought either would leave me. My dad’s faithfulness to my mum is amazing, and his faithfulness to his children is something I hope to emulate. His dedication to church is the standard I’ve set for myself and his humility and ability to withstand great pressure is still to me the epitome of what makes a great man. His love of God has been unquestioned by me, I just know he loves the Lord and I believe that’s seen in the children he’s brought up who are all at heart God-fearers.

Last year in August he spent some time with us whilst on his way to Ghana for my sister’s wedding. The time he was here was illuminating, my dad shared who he was in a way that amazed me and got me thinking how incredible it is for God to have turned a man’s life around so much. As my dad told me about his life before us I couldn’t believe it was the same man who was contently sitting in out front room entertaining his first granddaughter with a glee I’ve come to cherish. The reality is that this is the same man who’s gone through so much and endured so much and still has the presence of mind to remain humble and thankful.

I give God thanks for my dad and I love him with all my heart.

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