Thursday, October 04, 2007

Another Wrong Picture Explained

I was in the kitchen – which of course is an event worth remembering as I don’t endeavour to stay there longer than I have to. As I mulled through the cupboard to get the concentrated drink of the evening my hands fell upon a sachet. I quickly glanced at that which I was about to spill over the cupboard and when I looked at first I had to take a double take and check if I was reading right. On double reading and then triple reading the spelling had not changed indeed the letters were clearer before than they ever were before.

This is such an oil well for material that I will not even bother. Needless to say, however, it’s moments like that for which I believe the Father would have me be a non-meat eater.

I mean I was brought up by parents from Jamaica, steeped in the culture with a regular culinary diet that consisted of nothing but the best – and my mother was up there with the best. In all that time I do not recall (or maybe it’s been repressed, and for good reason) ever coming across such a seasoning or such a spice.

Sure, I know, I’m not in the kitchen long enough to inspect what’s there, but I’m pretty certain that I would know about something like this. But … what can I say? I mean what do you say? I mean obviously other than when the meal is prepared … ‘enjoy’?

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