Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What's Wrong With This Picture - Explained

So yesterday I put the picture up for y’all to figure out for yourself what’s wrong with it. And in the best traditions of post-modern, pluralistic relative tolerant dogma there are no wrong answers!

From my perspective I did make this observation. Now I’m not a marketing expert or a salesperson for retail superstores, but it appears to me that as the retail brand it’s in your best interests to actually have a product that’s cheaper than another brand name.

It makes a pleasant surprise that in this situation Rubicon comes out looking fine. As I did mention in the
previous entry on the company, though, I’m quite partial to mango juice from Rubicon. They do it very well both the fizzy version – which I’m off at the moment cos of a new temporary diet regime cutting out the fizzy stuff – and the still stuff as pictured. It’s quality stuff I tell you and worth drinking.

my mate Lloyd won’t start a campaign to squash all mango drinks that are not … errrr … kinda … err … OK I just hope he leaves the mango drinks alone. I’m still suffering the after effects of his War on Secret Lemonade Drinkers.

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