Thursday, October 25, 2007

Will Facebook Destroy My Wife?

So I be here checking through some songs on YouTube again ranging from The Isley Brothers’ Harvest For The World to the Fugees’ version of Wonder’s classic Blame It On The Sun. Earlier on I was having a look through Facebook and was just wondering about fads and trends that are hot flavour of the month things one minute and are gone before too long.

Not saying Facebook is one of those, hey the blogging buzz is still going strong after quite a few years. Just to say once more like some other things it’s a rush to get into takes up a bit of your time setting up stuff for what? Don’t get me wrong not saying Facebook is a waste of time, but don’t be surprised if you find me spending tons of time talking about it especially online. You know it’s something though when the wife gets herself on the thing with tons of people already there waiting for her to go online. It’s good to find old friends and see who’s on it and the like.

Still, just hoping the thing and the fame my wife gets won’t go to her head and destroy her!

For His Name’s Sake
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