Friday, October 12, 2007

An Experiment For My Family Album

I am a man of text more than anything else. After all that’s why you’ll notice there are more words on this blog than images by a sizeable margin. Having typed that though, I want to make it clear that I’m appreciating more and more the power of images and importance of the visual as well as textual. It was with this in mind that I was really excited to come across this neat web-site that helped with photos and the like. To give credit where it’s due, I’ve really got to thank Said at Southern for the link to an article by some hombre that I’d never heard of before called Alan Knox on whether elders should get paid. Fascinating article that it was I linked it to the dozens of other blogs I’ve favourited for what it’s worth. I then perused his profile and came across his family blog – interesting concept, don’t think I’ll take it up meself, but that’s all good. On coming across his site I found it had a series of photo slide shows. I was fascinated by that as it’s a concept we were hoping to install on the North Staffs YMCA and I thought it would be neat to have it on me own blog.

Hence this little experiment. Apparently I’ve got somewhere in the region of 2950 photos and videos of a personal nature to do with my jazz, my life, my stuff, you feel me. So this is in no way meant to be THE definitive photo collection of the life of Da Man CD, but it’s a good first go. I hope you’ll enjoy taking a photo-journey through the wonderful world of Da Man CD.

For His Name’s Sake
da man cd

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