Monday, October 08, 2007

For All The Bloated People

I've been on a special diet for the last few weeks and was hoping that among other things I'd get discipline as a central part of my physical life as well as mental and spiritual. Indeed the time started well and I lost some weight. Put it this way there were a pair of jeans that I could not fit into at the start of the time and about a week or two into it I was able to put the jeans on and not have to breathe in deeply for the rest of the day.

Anyway this weekend the oddest thing happened. On Saturday I deliberately refrained from eating until I went round my mate's house. He (and his wife presumably) put on this fabulous meal - jacket potatoes, oven cooked vegetables, beans - the works. It was awesome. After I had my share I was well and truly stuffed. The next day I was on the monthly one day fast that the church regularly has. At the end of it we as men had elected to prepare and share out the breakfast meal. Some genius who will remain nameless, even though I live with her and am married to her, thought it would be a good idea to bring and prepare all four of the bean burgers frm my crib. Now I don't have more than one bean burger per meal, neither am I of the school of prepare them to have later on, so out of necessity I had to consume the bean burgers, and a veggie cottage pie and a pasta with some salad. Obviously as a Dryden of great eating pedigree the consumption of the meal was accomplished with little doubt. However since then and for most of today for all the weeks' worth of effort I feel bloated as a hot air balloon.

So the picture (left) is a word of consolation to people who don't so much feel bloated as actually are bloated. But hey ... the special diet continues and when it's done I'll let you know how it all went. In the meantime pray for the belt that has to keep in the bulge.

For His Name's Sake
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