Sunday, March 01, 2009

How Can I Manage?

I’ll probably be in a better position to give a review of February after tomorrow, when I intend to prayerfully look back on what kind of month it’s been and the lesson learnt.

For now I want to point out the new series beginning on me other blog as well as a brief update on future developments for the blogging and other e-activities. As you would have noticed there have been one or two changes in me blogging portfolio but here are some explanations. First of all, February saw the beginning of Life Journey Notes taking over where Daily Thoughts left off.

Where Among Friends is concerned I am slowly transitioning from Blogger to WordPress. I am grateful for Blogger especially in starting me off on the whole buzz so long ago. I’ve been viewing WordPress for some time and as you know I’ve been a bit more active with the StokeCOG blog. I am impressed with what features and functions are on there and now I’m seriously considering what that could mean for the other blogs. This is a work in review and updates will be given as and when possible. There maybe some significant changes by the end of the month.

I was really pleased with the number of inputs over the month of February which built well on the start to the year in January. I trust that March will continue the theme as I intend to make the most of the opportunities to write and develop the craft.

Over on LJN I’m starting a new series based on journeying through the book after Psalms over this month. Titled March Through Proverbs every day is looking at each chapter in this book on wisdom to get just that – wisdom. Wisdom is becoming all the more critical in my life at present. I am noticing that I’m not managing everything well and feel that to be effective and productive in all aspects of my life good management is key. Good management comes from being able to know what to do and when. Being able to know what to do and when based on information at your disposal and a good understanding at any given time is a good definition of wisdom. James later on gives the assurance that if I’m lacking in wisdom then I can ask God who is only too willing to generously download a substantial portion. I need it – I’m asking for it and as life would have it God has given this opportune time to go through this book and reconnect with Him to be wise in the ways of the world.

In a world where management is a hot topic especially in the arena of my favourite sport – football – the parallels with my life are only too apparent. I have time, skills, money, relationships, responsibilities and other resources that I must use properly in order to bring out the desired outcome for the benefit of many and importantly the glory of God. I recognise some aspects could do with more prayer and more considered and proactive applications. So it won’t be just a case of writing the posts, but monitoring the different incremental changes that I go through in life to manage things better, like my time and my priorities.

My life cannot be a case of the tail wagging the dog and with various pulls on my life it can often feel the case, but a new day has dawned and the God of all wisdom is waiting to lead me to a better way of doing things.

I use this chance to mention I’m actually happy about Manchester United winning the League Cup. Neither am I surprised that Liverpool have actually lost a League match for the first time since November seriously denting their chances of winning the league and promptly being overtaken on goal difference by Chelsea. I look at the league table now and feel that it makes more sense – it’s a lot more realistic. The race for 4th place is looking interesting and I hope Aston Villa can hold on despite the recent result.

The reason why I’m happy for Manchester United is because it is only right that the best team win the trophies if they are able to do so. I’m not convinced that this United side or squad is the best in their history, but they are definitely ahead of their domestic rivals. I don’t mind if they become the first side to do the domestic treble. I doubt if they will do the quintuple, because the result against Inter actually did the Italian side a favour more than United. If they had scored an away goal they would have the upper hand. Now Inter go back and play at United, knowing they can afford to play a tight game at Old Trafford, and should they score an away goal it would put the cat amongst the pigeons. It is by no means a foregone conclusion and even if they dispatch of the Serie A leaders there are far too many quality sides still left in the competition.

Although Liverpool is seriously underachieving in the League, Rafa knows his way around the Champions League and we would pose more of a threat. As for the league, I’m not downhearted at all because it is something I was expecting. To hear Rafa talk about not scoring enough goals and that being a problem is so daft an observation by a man whose system of football and team selections and formations never convinced anyone of scoring tons of goals. We will flatter to deceive again this season because of his obstinate take on team selection.

That’s life and bad management though, and it’s for me to learn from these errors and make sure whether it’s with a team that I’m a part of or in my own private life I similarly don’t mess up in terms of making the right selections. Back round to the whole need for wisdom.

For His Name's Sake

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