Thursday, March 19, 2009

Something Up With DMCD

What is up with the da man cd?

I have not been that prolific recently with blog posts on this site although things are trundling along well with Among Friends (
old and new) and I’ve been able to recently update LJN following a few days out of the loop. At present however I am taking time off from work.

Today I was scheduled to be doing some other work, but since Monday or Tuesday I was coming down with heavy cold and it’s only fitting that I should. Having encouraged others to take time off and not to work themselves to a frazzle I find myself in need of taking my own advice.

There is a lot of exciting things happening, there is a lot of hard work ahead. There are some crucial decisions to be made and some activities to take part in that will stretch and enhance my faith in Christ. It is exciting times, but it won’t mean a thing if I’m not healthy enough to enjoy it. My sleeping and eating habits of late have been atrocious as the workload has increased and it’s just not good enough.

So I’m hoping to use the time off to recover some much needed rest and reflection to set myself aright for the busy season ahead. I am taking it easy – I won’t be taking any phone calls today unless it’s an emergency. I won’t even Twitter or Facebook today (other than to link to this explanation). I’ll probably check my email tomorrow as well.

This is all to say that for today at least I’m focussing on just chilling and doing the absolute minimum. I do feel run down and the heavy cold contributes to that. I am not indispensable; the world will carry on just fine without me. More importantly I serve a God of rest as well as creativity and so it’s only right that I should take His advice and find rest for my soul in Him.

For His Name's Sake

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