Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Not So Little Hobo Keeps Moving On

Memories of television programmes are a blessing and a curse. It’s a curse in the sense that surely I should be able to remember something that was worth something to someone. It’s a blessing in the sense that I’m able to remember something was worth something to me. I’ve got to find out whatever happened to Terry Bush. He’s the fella responsible for the classic theme tune to The Littlest Hobo. That theme along with the Lonely Man theme linked to television series The Incredible Hulk, has really bugged me for at least the ten years.

So anyway I had some days of vacation outstanding before the end of the year (April to March) so I was excited to take a couple of days last week and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the week just gone to spend some quality time getting things straight in my head about what I wanted to get done in life. Tragically the two days were spent overcoming illness and then these three days have been spend helping my wife get over illness as well as preparing for a move. So not at all as I’d hoped, but that’s typical dmcd – make a plan, get excited about plan, plan no work out, and get to learn new stuff about God whilst grumbling about plan not working in
classic Muttley fashion.

talked about moving before, but just to reiterate I hate moving. I like being settled in one place for an extended period of time. I’m sure you could psychoanalyse it from the trauma of moving from the first home of Minerva Way to Albert Road and going from sun shining days at the back to grim days along Mill Road. Whatever you want to put it down to there’s a distinct element of ‘oh no I have to pack up all the stuff and lug them into a suitable transport and then unpack them’ syndrome. Although my Dad showed me the ‘just-in-case’ mentality that ensures I don’t leave the house without at least a notepad and pen or a book of some sort to keep me occupied, he also showed me the concept of travelling lightly. I’m sure when they were packing to resettle in Jamaica it would have taken my Mum a day or so and it would have taken Dad half an hour. With all the moving I’ve been doing in the last ten years I often wish that I could be in Dad’s position.

So what’s the reason for this the umpteenth move? First it’s worth reminding yourself of my feelings on
moving which also gives a history of the travails of dmcd. So here I am settled in Stoke (the area called Stoke, not the city in general which is referred to as Stoke-on-Trent) for nearly two years. I haven’t resided in the same location for two years since leaving home, so it was looking to be a time of celebration, perhaps I had settled. Perhaps this was it. We were comfortable with where we were, it was convenient for Deborah’s school, the location provided outlets for community engagement and it was brisk stroll to wherever I needed to get to. It was almost ideal in every way and so I was looking forward to finally settling in a property to bring up children in a settled environment and set my roots in a place. If you’ve been keeping up with my life, though, you’ll know that just when you think it’s safe to settle up pops another issue. So up it popped and having popped the only response was to take advantage of the new opportunity that arose and that called for moving! So before April begins we’ll be resettled in the tenth move I’ve made since moving up to Stoke-on-Trent almost ten years ago.

Again it’s a great opportunity to swallow stuff and reaffirm that I am only ever settled in my relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Through all the changing issues of life, changes in relationships, changes in social circumstances, changes in style and weight, I am only ever content in knowing Christ and being known by Him.

I am as ever in desperate need of your prayers (or positive thoughts if you cannot stretch that far). This is a good move for us in a number of ways despite the sadness of leaving this locality. I’m trusting to carry across some of the lessons learnt from the 20 months we’ve spent here in the area. With every move there’s been improvement in community engagement and I want that to continue where we go next. I also want our family to settle well in the area and to be a beacon to our area of the ups and downs, joys and challenges of family life in Christ. You should get the impression that if it was left up to me we would be moving to stay for at least five years so we can try this thing called laying down roots as our children blossom and we look for some sort of stability. Yet in as much as that’s the desire of my heart I don’t want to allow that to cloud my judgement and desire to please God first and foremost.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll try to settle down, until tomorrow
I’ll just keep moving on.

For His Name's Sake

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Anthony James Barnett - author said...

I've a Google alert for Stoke on Trent, and it popped your blog up. Just want to say, hope you enjoy your stay in my old neck of the woods.

I'm living in Spain now, but remain a 'Potherb' at heart.