Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Proverbs 9: Check The Substance Not Just The Package

Whoever is simple, let him turn in here (Proverbs 9:4, 16)

Before I let you loose on my extended thoughts for today I just want to share something that I only noticed today about the portrayals of wisdom and folly in Proverbs 9.

Verses 4 and 16 have both women giving the same opening lines. Wisdom and foolishness are not always easily assessed on their cover packages. What needs to take place is a thorough check of the substance and sometimes doing that will uncover the truth of the offers. Solomon has done us the great favour of actually laying out for us the obvious virtues of time spent with wisdom and the demise that awaits those who go down the road of foolishness.

The key in this chapter as in life is not to just take things on the surface, but to consider it carefully.

For His Name's Sake

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