Monday, March 02, 2009

Proverbs 2, Sir Fred Goodwin and the Devil’s Dilemma

Here is just a thought about the Sir Fred Goodwin situation.

I still think it is absolutely ridiculous that a man responsible for leading a bank as it spiralled out of control to the point of having to be taken over by the government gets a whopping huge pension. That is morally wrong. However, if those are the terms of the contractual arrangement that has been made, who can justifiably intervene in that case? Can the government really back up their case of forcing the brother to hand back the money? Is that even right?

The concern I have is that this could set a dangerous precedent based on the government taking it upon themselves to selectively be the moral arbitrator in such situations. The danger of that is who are the government to behave in such a manner? That’s why if there are issues with the exorbitant amount fat cats get it should be addressed by the proper structures within the company and the culture of the business world that allows such excesses to happen in the first place.

I am not convinced that there is any way in which the government can sort an issue without addressing the root of the problems. It appears to me that this is the case and because the heart of the matter is not being addressed or even being seen to be addressed then this witch-hunt of Goodwin is another cynical political ploy to win political points. That’s just a thought. (I write this note later because it so happens that I come across
this article which would make it appear as though Mr. Brown is back-tracking somewhat.)

Today is Proverbs 2 and I’m fascinated by the opening rejoinder by the writer. I was reading the ESV and noted the following:

Verses 1-4: Receive words; treasure commandments; making ear attentive; inkling heart; call out; raise voice; seek like silver; search as for hidden treasure. The quest for wisdom knowledge and understanding has to be taken very seriously indeed.

Verses 5-8: Benefit A of the quest – fear and knowledge of God; He is the source of wisdom, knowledge and understanding; it’s all there waiting for those who want it and protecting those who follow it

Verse 9-11: Key life values (righteousness, justice, equity (I wonder what this word is meant to mean), right direction) understood properly as you get them and enjoy them and their protection

Verse 12-15: The protective mechanisms are put in the light of the various predators that would seek to dismantle the individual – like those who neglect these ways and promote opposing values.

Verse 16-19: The protection given by wisdom is highlighted against the adulteress whose ways are so bad that whoever is ensnared in her ways are doomed.

Verse 20-22: Like Psalm 1 this is a summary point of the benefit of following wisdom when we really pursue it and the devastating end of those who oppose it.

Finally for the blog today here is a marvellous portrayal of the
devil’s dilemma.

For His Name's Sake


dave bish said...

Surely Gordon is as guilty as Goodwin?

Ur Man CD said...

If you're referring to the conditions that Brown helped to create that allowed Fred to oversee such overambitious and detrimental effects then there is a responsibility that Brown has.

Yet there is a specific responsibility that Fred must take. Sadly as with a lot of the corporate world it does appear that there is no way that he can be held to account. Whereas there is a neat little system for which Mr. Brown can be held to account for his misdeeds. I think they call it a general election.

So it's a bit tragic of Mr. Brown to act all high and mighty now, when he has some explaining to do himself.