Saturday, January 10, 2009

God And God Alone

Let’s face it. If we’re honest, most of the time we do the things we do for the approval of someone or something. Maybe the self, maybe a loved, maybe some ideal, whatever the case may be it can seem at times that our worth is measured by how well we do in meeting the approval of that person, thing or concept.

I learnt a while back that I often do things for myself. Yeah, I’m a selfish kinda guy. Sure I want you to like me, but that’s for your benefit, that’s for my benefit. Thankfully Someone stopped me in my tracks and asked a couple of piercing questions. Who made all that is? Where did it come from? Who gives purpose to life as you know it?

Then I looked at the biblical narrative and its centre point of the life and mission of Jesus and I was challenged deeply to take seriously the claim that only God is worthy of approval and praise. Not only that but only He deserves my entire life because it is His mercies that make me alive in the first place. As I said that encounter and challenge was the best thing to happen to me and I am often reminded of it when I want to veer off and do my own thing. Truly my truest praise is to be reserved for God and God alone.

I came across this song for the first time at a church concert where one of the most gifted vocalists I’ve ever had the privilege to meet sung the song so powerfully that people were moved by it to praise, adoration and all out high glorifying of He who made heavens and earth. That man’s name is Godfrey Gayle and for all the versions of the song I’ve heard since then and the many supremely talented singers who have sung it no one has ever matched Godfrey – now that’s quite something when considering that I’ve heard Daryl Coley sing it and then of course there’s this majestic version by the awe-inspiring Steve Green.

I wish there was a recorded version of Godfrey’s tribute to His Maker. In the meantime this is a more than suitable replacement and Steve Green knows how to reverently deliver the lyrics so that we are left in no doubt who is in charge getting the truest praise in this here situation!

For His Name’s Sake

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