Friday, January 09, 2009

Michael Williams 'Sweet Holy Spirit' On The Hammond

'Errr Chris' you say 'We're not meant to be hearing from you til tomorrow.' I know. 'So why have we got this deluge of YouTube clips?' Good question.

Here's your answer. Here I am doing me work to the best of my ability, but can I work in silence? God forbid! Can I work without sweet music? Heaven forfend! And if the music is that sweet would my loving giving Heavenly Father want to me to hog the experience and joy to myself? May ever man be a liar and all dogs accursed were that to be the case!!! Of course He has made me to share all good things with my peeps. Now can I help it if I've been coming across some sensational material that I've not come across before and am compelled to share it? Can I help that? Should I help that? Must I help that? Do me a favour and drown your cats in lactic acid if that were ever to be so!!

And whilst I was on the B3 Hammond organ thing I had a playlist of various selections tickling me ears as I got on with the typing and studying, etc. This one I just could not ignore. So here it is for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

For His Name's Sake

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