Thursday, January 08, 2009

Spot Of Late Night Blogging Before Bed Methinks

So here I be at the end of a very eventful day just sorting out what I’ll blog and what I won’t. Now this does not constitute the very best of CD Notes today, but a good flavour of the kind of stuff that’s been in me head especially over the last few hours.

The awards season has started! What a surprise for the top movie at the
People’s Choice awards. I loved watching Hugh Laurie’s bit and Robin Williams just doesn’t appear to change that much with age, which is cool for me. Queen Latifah? What’s up with that?

I enjoy reading about people and politics – I’m fully out of the closet I love politics!! So reading about what the
Conservatives would need to win and how things will change who has been the rebels actually made for good reading. Isn’t it wonderful when statistics can be used for your own agenda – man bless statistics!

Message to Linda McCartney Food Products: I just want the record to state clearly that I am a
Linda McCartney food fan. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before. Just in case it hasn’t been reiterated recently I just want to state once more that since my turn to non-meat eating the products that have come from the brand named after the famous animal rights campaigner has sustained and fulfilled me in ways that most other foods just cannot reach. Thank you so much to the company for their quality product. Now encourage Sainsbury’s to sell your delicious country pies at a more reasonable price. Thanks.

That should do it for another day’s blogging. Nothing too heavy for the time being, maybe warm up especially once certain significant events are consigned to the annals of history. Might not hear from me tomorrow as it promises to be a very busy day, but who knows should God spare our lives to see the last day of the week I might post something. Liverpool play Stoke City at the Britannia Stadium and my dear friend Ray Feeney – an ardent City supporter
you may recall – will be chief guest at my crib all being well to watch the match live on the telly. I’d love to blog on that experience as two dear brothers in the Lord enjoy each other’s company and not engage in hostilities over such trivial matters as a game of football. As long as Liverpool win of course.

For His Name’s Sake

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