Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Let Freedom Ring

It was near the end of the year that my attention came across this song.

There’s something about trusting a name and a group and a style that allows you to try other songs out from the group. It’s the way I developed an interest in the Beatles. It’s the way I developed at interest in Stevie Wonder. So no surprise that it is the way that I developed an interest in the Gaither Vocal Band especially with the talented singers who have been members of it over the years.

Coming across this song was just such a God-send. It came at the right time of year and blended in well with the theme of freedom that was making an impact from October onwards. This was about Jesus’ statement fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy of one to come who would heal the broken-hearted, preach good news to the poor, recovery of sight to the blind, liberty to the oppressed and release for the captives.

I work with people who fall in the category of desperately needing this freedom that Christ offers. I serve young people who are desperate to know that this which is spoken is spirit and gives life to those who accept it. I live in a neighbourhood that would so come alive if only they embraced this good news that echoes from Calvary to their doorstep. It’s part of the mission I’m on and that I’m excited to be a part of it whether it’s through StokeCOG’s year of compassion or through being a part of it at the North Staffs YMCA.

These sentiments are put in song brilliantly by GVB making the best use of the vocal talents – now originally Mark Lowry sang one of the parts, but in this video Russ Taff more than capably sings the part after Lowry left the group. It’s one of those songs that sends chills down the spine when considering what the content is all about – declaring that liberty, proclaiming that freedom, demanding with the boldness of the Spirit that those in captivity and oppressed within and without, hear the Liberty Bell from the empty tomb and rejoice knowing that who the Son sets free …

For His Name's Sake

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