Wednesday, January 14, 2009

He Ain’t Heavy … He’s My Link To Some Funny Stuff

David has been with us at the crib since last night. It’s good to have him around. You must know how much I love my brother by now! I have blogged about him in detail. We strike a good rapport whenever he’s around and I find it helps me to unload stuff when I’m around him. Like tonight I gave him the full Rafa Rant and we earlier on discussed the concept of things starting at home. It was just great to be able to bounce off him. He’s good for business.

What makes him especially helpful as well is that he’s a very resourceful man. Very resourceful. Just before I got to start my notes for the evening – and it’s rather late around 10:55pm – David shared some great stuff with me. It’s so good I’ve had to post it on the Among Friends site.

The five part series called The Googling is a great comic riff on the whole supernatural in the natural thing. What I really enjoyed was the fact that this is obviously a group approach and although not experts on a professional scale, the movies are watchable, enjoyable and hilarious. They are so good I would happily recommend them to anyone. There’s also plenty of food for thought in some of them. So go ahead and check them out (
part one, part two, part three, part four, and part five) and let me know what you make of them!

Also while you’re there check the
latest offering for New York Comic Con 2009 by It’s Just Some Random Guy. I tell you the truth, as someone better than I put it, IJSRG is one of the great talents that give YouTube a reason to exist. The world is a happier place for having this dude’s creative juices flowing for us all.

And speaking of creative, please pray for me, I’ve been invited to speak again at Church WOW – more on them in a later entry. It’s on the topic Creation and it’s exciting thinking about the different angles to approach it and the ways it can come across. The prayer is that I allow the Spirit to have His way in the planning and execution of the presentation to God’s glory and the benefit of His people.

Well that’s a highly informative post about me today and thankfully for the first time in ages I’ve been able to do more posts on me other blog than on this as it was looking a bit empty for this year’s quota. I hope you enjoy them all and I’ll be back soon.

For His Name’s Sake

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