Friday, January 09, 2009

Jesus Christ Is The Way - Ezra Bufford, Piano

This is good piano playing y'all. It's also a special song for me because back in the day when my concept of responsibility was going to bed when dad told me to, Saturday afternoons in the summer were spent listening to music like this and enjoying their melodic beauty and vocal intensity with little regard to lyrical content. After all, A-Team will be on soon and I'll need the brain space to remember that episode or at least the Knight Rider episode.

Years have passed since then and now the lyrical content of this song means more to me than ever before. For those in need of direction, guidance, help, love and assurance there is no other way except through Jesus for a truly fulfilling life. It's a tough call, it sounds arrogant, but it's true and those who have lived their lives following Him continue to testify of it from Pentecost until now.

As you listen I hope you'll enjoy and reflect on just the thought that there is a way of escape from life as you know it to a life of freedom, love and hope.

For His Name's Sake

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