Monday, January 05, 2009

Wot Is Up With dmcd - 05-01-09

I'm trying a thing, bear with me, I've never been the most patient or diligent user of modern technology, so I see something that works and then post it and it doesn't come out quite as I was hoping, but I keep my errors LIVE on the blog so I can see the progress I take with this thing.

In any case as the subject heading suggests, this is just a quickie of sorts. I'm not Mr 22 Words as some people are (not that I'm jealous in anyway ... well not a lot anyway ... well not on a Monday night ... usually). Anyhow, I'm making an effort with this blogging thing - I am and as with all things I'm taking it one day at a time!

So for today's update I'm happy to inform you that since about 23rd December I've been blessed with two books that are currently my passions and excitement. It's not always the case that books have the power to grip me and actually shift and reinforce some thinking in me, but these two are definitely having that affect on me. How I know this is that I'm aware of my own struggles and failings all the more and at the same time even more aware of God's grace in my life and a desire to love Him more. Those two books are Os Guinness' The Call and Tim Chester's You Can Change. Now sure people may have read these books before, but I haven't! These are two great books which I'm hoping to review soon!

Other than that the heat is on in preparation of the launch ceremony and dedication service for COG Training & Conference Centre. There's also a meeting for a local association that I chair on the same day as the launch ceremony. So things are a bit hectic at the moment and there be demands this way and that. For all that I want to keep up the blogging thing even to keep you informed on progress with things. So there!

For His Name's Sake

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dave bish said...

Chester's book is outstanding.