Saturday, August 08, 2009

Right Thing At The Right Time In The Right Place

So as you’re aware I’m enjoying writing at the moment and I want to keep doing it on a more consistent basis. Unlike the other blogs on this one I can just about post anything and it will be fine because this is me personal blog where anything goes … within reason of course.

So here I am this evening and I’m dressed in one of my favourite outfits – black trousers, white shirt, black waistcoat and earlier on I had a cool grey and cream tie to go with the outfit. Sometimes I make the effort for church on the Sabbath – it’s all for God at the end of the day and I tend to find that the more relaxed I dress the better I am at church, but I’m sure that’s a mental thing.

In any case I’m dressed here listening to a playlist of five versions of EWF’s In The Stone and I’m reflecting on how important it is to be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing, because if you’re not then things don’t happen. As you know it’s just as bad to actively engage in the wrong thing as it is to not do the right thing. Indeed one of the biggest things that have helped in my relationship with God lately is that reassurance that it’s about overcoming evil with good, that is to say it’s not about stop doing something, but actually re-direct your energies elsewhere. It can get really frustrating being told what you cannot do, but it is of great benefit when you’re pointed to a healthy alternative that will eventually redirect your passions from the wrong you did to the right that you now do.

The next trick, however, is to be clear that you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing. Sometimes I am guilty of getting caught up in things that appear noble at first and indeed on paper they are good things, but the thing about life is the time and energy you take doing something noble and wrong is time and energy that should have been applied to doing what’s right. That’s a tricky thing when so many things are demanded of you by well meaning people, but in the long run with things at stake like eternal values it is far better to be able to say about your time that it was used to take pleasure and delight in doing the right things, rather than just pleasing people and sentiments but not fulfilling that which you’re called to do. It makes sense in the long run.

It’s a fairly hectic season at the moment and tomorrow is a highlight of that with the citywide carnival Six Towns – One City event taking place in Hanley Park. I should be there for most of the day and am believing it will be a beneficial time for everyone there – remind me to write about prayer walking – fascinating feature of life that is. Until then, the fasting series will come back online in the week to come as we address a few more issues before we wind it up. Some book reviews are scheduled in the next few weeks, so look out for that and at some point I’ll have to develop on the theme Audio August. Keep praying for dmcd so that I may be consistent in fulfilling my passion of disciplined writing.

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