Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Another Late Night Update

Blogging is a bit like talking to an old trusted friend. Who has nothing to say in return. Instead just takes on board what it says and keeps it carefully.

As you’d have read I love putting stuff on here and have been a bit more prolific of late, but in the last few days I haven’t been blogging and you can ask why’s that then Chris? Well go on then. There, and in answer to your question I’ve just been really busy of late. There’s someone staying with us at the moment who was pregnant and has given birth, so that took out Friday and yesterday was a really hectic day as well with hospitality and stuff. As well as that the wife has not been well and I’ve taken some time to look after her – time admittedly that could have been invested in writing, but apparently my wife is more important than blogging. (Shocking, I know, but that’s what the good book says).

Yesterday was actually a good example of what a busy day is all about. Lots of things to do, people to see, stuff to sort through and guests to entertain. By the end for the first time I can recall I actually went to bed and sleep before 10pm! That’s right before 10pm my bed saw me inhabiting it!

It was a surprise to me too, so it was no surprise that this morning I woke up astonishingly early – like just after 5am. It was no time to be up and about blogging or stuff, especially next to me wife. So I managed to make the most of the time texting people and enjoying good company (sure she was asleep, but sometimes that’s the best time to catch her).

Later on I get to go to a party – voluntarily – thankfully I get a good few games of pool in and some fancy grub as well before engaging in a wonderful walk and talk with a precious friend. Hence blogging this so late on. So you may be a bit confuddled at the reference to yesterday as Saturday and not Sunday when you check the date of this post, but when you look at the time like Hercule Poirot you will deduce that the day today was more Sunday than a Monday that has barely just begun.

Lots of stuff going on in general with me life, mostly good at present, but all busy and keeping me occupied. In all that I am still endeavouring to remain focussed on Christ. The reading is trucking along at a good rate as well. I hope to post some reviews especially on the Richard Foster book that I’ve just completed on Streams of Living Waters. I even got something from a Roy of the Rovers special covering the 1980’s which I read in one sitting (or lying-down as I was in the bath at the time). Just started a biography of Sir Alf Ramsey by Leo McKinstry. Fascinating reading so far and I hope to share some of the finding with you over time.

Keep on praying for dmcd with the family and work and other transitions and the like it can be easy to be distracted, but I love Jesus and more importantly am aware that He loves me and has called me to Himself to get His business done. So I want to be getting on with that. Hope to slap on another blog before the end of Monday to maintain a good rate of blogging until then keep on experiencing the shalom offered in relationship with the God of Shalom.

For His Name's Sake



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