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I had never come across a name like that before I met her and it’s not been that frequent that I’ve seen since I’ve met her. Indeed I’ve not come across an Authrine since. She is as unique as her name. I’ve known her for nearly ten years now. In that time I’ve continued to be amazed at the things I’ve got to know about her.

Getting to know people is a fascinating thing, as in really getting to know them, intimately, warts and all. One of the things that really attracted me to her was her incredible heart. She has such a beautiful heart. She is the nearest an adult can get, in my experience, to a child-like naivety when it comes to issues. That is attractive. It is untainted by cynical, sceptical and sarcastic spirit. It leaves her open to take on certain things and even be suckered into other things as I have enjoyed on one or two occasions. However it is not that she is a fool at all and she can get wise to people and be wary of them, but she has a heart for people. When she is for you there are few greater allies to have on your side. Loyalty is something that I’ve rarely seen expressed so passionately, doggedly and resolutely. It makes me humble to know that God would bless me so richly with such a woman.

Her heart for God as well as a treasure and an example to many. I am so glad that the children of my youth have a tremendous model to follow in her. She can be vulnerable, she can be transparent. She is not one to have hidden agendas and although she hasn’t quite graduated from Diplomacy College as yet she has come on leaps and bounds in terms of her approach to people. I could write for a considerable length on the character strengths of my wife in a manner fairly detached and observational all to the glory of God. I would have to leave it others to see what impact I’ve had on her. All I do know is that I have been a challenge to her – my foibles, my weaknesses, my variety of moods, my way of life – it is completely different to her regular bloke. It’s not easy being a friend so you can imagine how much more difficult it is for someone to be married to me. To her eternal credit she has stuck to it and got better at it as the years have gone by. I love her more now than ever before not for the beautiful children she has brought forth or the beautiful homes she has created, but for the beautiful person that she grows to become with every passing year.

So as she celebrates her 21st birthday today for the –th time you can imagine the lengths I went to in celebrating the scene. Imagine. The birthday girl makes it back home. I help her out of her coat and lead her blind-folded to the dining room where she finds the room lit by black and red scented candles with a hint of jasmine and peaches bathing the room with the light and fluorescent glow and haze of romance. Her squeal lets out her delight at the surprise and she settles down to three courses of carefully crafted morsels of culinary delight that sends her taste-buds into a stratosphere of ecstasy. It is nothing too heavy or too sweet, but just right for her mouth and her fine figure. As the last vestiges of the dessert are finished with aplomb, she looks gooey-eyed at her servant-husband, waiting hand and foot at her beck and call. She enjoys a glass of sparkling Schloer as she talks softly with her beau of the many things that she has to give thanks for in her life.

Then as she relaxes and gets comfortable she is escorted up the stairs to another candle-lit room – it is the bathroom and there are rose petals in the bath waiting for her to descend into the warm cosy relaxing soap-sudded bath. As she settles in, her back is given a relaxing scrub and she is given plenty of time to just soak. All other matters have been dealt with by that servant-husband of hers, children dispatched compassionately and effectively, all things in the house are stable, her mind is at ease and the dulcet tones of Luther echoes through the bathroom to allow her to swoon at the thought of the emotions of love Vandross releases in stereo. At just the right time, she is helped from the bath into one of her birthday gifts and warm nightgown with her initials on the pockets. Carefully assisted to the bedroom she is treated to a full body massage with further musical treats on saxophone and smooth jazz. Such is her state of contentment that the strains of the day are massaged away and she slowly falls asleep to the sounds of love, romance and wedded bliss.

And having imagined that you have got exactly the scenario I would have liked to have offered to my beloved tonight. As it was, we went to our regular First Sunday Fast and having left for the church centre at 12:30pm we didn’t get back until after 10pm. Needless to say that the evening of service with a smile didn’t quite work out, but I did lay on for my wife what has made our relationship survive – my love. My love in words, my love in action and my love in extolling and thanking God for the most beautiful woman and the right help-mate for me (despite misgivings). I love my wife, my friend, my confidant, my lover and my co-labourer with Christ. I pray that God will spare our lives together to grow further in Him and that she will blossom to become all that God has called her to be for His honour and glory. Maybe next year, if God spares our lives, I’ll give her something like that imaginary scene – she deserves a lot better obviously. Until then I will endeavour by the grace of God to love her more and love her better. Thank you Lord for her, please bless her with your peace, love and wisdom so that she can walk in a manner pleasing to you.

For His Name's Sake



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