Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grace Expressions: A Lovely Day

This blog has been banging on about this, that and the other of late and I just wanted to use this entry to express my gratitude to God for life.

This morning I was part of a prayer meeting that looked at Jesus’ manifesto announcement in Luke 4 then his subsequent reminder to John the Baptist through the disciples that these things were happening before a final vision in Revelation 21 of a new heaven and new earth where there will be no issues like sadness, suffering and death. As we reflected on the past, present and future realities of God’s Kingdom I started thinking about what heaven would be like.

Now by heaven, I am of course referring to that ideal state of being that we think of when we talk of heaven, not the location of God’s residence or indeed the stuff that we look at up there. Whenever I hear people talking about going to heaven that is what I believe people are referring to, especially seeing as though that vision of Revelation 21 and backed up in 2 Peter is that we’re not really going to be in ‘heaven’ per se as what will be the point of a new earth.

Semantics aside, I was reflecting on those visions of idyll that strike the mind from time to time. It took everything in me not to be overcome with tears at the thought of blissfully looking at dear friends enjoying each other’s company, chatting, laughing, playing, having fun, playing music, sharing food and drink – celebrating life.

I continued to get all nostalgic about some good days and times in my life. I will leave waxing lyrical about 2006 until I continue the Fasting series. What I can say is that if I was asked to make a point of the best time in my life I would struggle to come up with a better time than 2006 – it was a golden age for my spiritual development and life fulfilment, as I mentioned more later on.

It is understandable under these circumstances to kind of neglect what’s going on today. Perhaps become mournful at how things are not what they used to be. Then I had the day like I had today. I didn’t deserve it. There was nothing I could do to earn it. You could put it down as an expression of grace.

So there was that awesome prayer meeting to which I was referring previously. Then I had a constructive session packing up my stuff. Yeah I’m on the move again, this time from my office space to another place. More on that perhaps in another blog, perhaps not, but just to say I’m on the move again and it required me to pack up my stuff quickly. Knowing how much I love packing and moving (as well as here and here) it was actually alright hence the praise for a constructive session.

Then I had a sound lunch with my dear friend, Ray. That was followed by finally replacing the only pair of footwear I wear outside which was falling apart. I got a fair deal on it and it fits well, so I’m grateful for that. Then I was able to get some snappin for the bairns in the yard. (TRANSLATION: I went to Sainsbury’s to purchase goods that would particularly benefit our children.) I returned home to catch an hour’s nap before taking out my daughters to the library.

I am one of the richest men on the planet. I thought that as I walked with my two daughters to the library on this cool and relaxing Thursday evening. I looked at Abigail and Deborah and thought to myself that these two girls by the grace of God will grow to be outstanding women of God attracting the attention of honourable suitors and ending up with men who will further enrich the family in terms of material value but more importantly by their character and spiritual commitment to Christ. The same thought captured me on the way home from the library and what a blessing it is to spend what time I can with them, giving them the liberty to explore and find out more about themselves.

All of this on my favourite day of the week where I get to go out and have some library time with them before treating them to their Thursday Treat of their chocolate/sweet. It is such a tremendous blessing that I’m happy to take this time to highlight it and give God thanks for these blessings.

For His Name's Sake



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