Saturday, February 07, 2009

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I love the writing thing as I may have mentioned before. What I’m looking to do to keep practice of the gift is to be writing as often and as disciplined as possible. As I mentioned at the beginning of the month contributions to this blog and the Among Friends blog have been alright this year.

Here’s just a bit more on
Life’s Journey Notes. One thing I definitely wanted to work on this year was the initiative known as Daily Thoughts. This started at the YMCA but there was interest from wider afield so to meet the demand as well as the email distribution it was the opportune time to do it through the blog. There was an issue with the concept of daily thoughts; chiefly being that it wasn’t always possible to do it on a daily basis. So as things settled down from the hectic beginning of the year I was committed to doing the email but not putting myself under the daily pressure. As I thought it through up came the concept of being on a journey and as with a lot of journeys it’s good to keep a note of what is going on in the journey, hence Life’s Journey Notes. I’ve been really glad that since it started this week ironically there’s been a daily dose of the notes. I like the rhythm and discipline that comes with it and I would love it to continue.

I was also aware that hardly anything had been done with the
church blog since August and so noticing that some of the good stuff that we do from week to week can be posted I have done just that following today’s session. On it you can see some of the slides that formed the basis for the lesson I did today, to engage with what we have looked out leave a comment. I really enjoyed the teaching session as we made a start on this tricky subject and note what we’ll be looking at next week! So writing and blogging wise it’s been a good week and I hope that it will continue.

For His Name's Sake

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