Saturday, February 14, 2009

Quick Weekend Note

The teaching today worked out alright. What I enjoy most about the opportunity to teach is the creativity it calls for from me in making connections to some of the key points. It’s a conversational approach to the teaching ensuring that within it people are engaging with the material. It’s not always easy to discern whether people get it, but the test f the pudding is in the eating apparently.

My brother’s around so that has made the day that much better as we have been able to talk and catch up on a lot of stuff. He is such a gifted creative songwriter and producer that I’m eager for his stuff to get the airing it deserves. In the meantime he has a
MySpace page that I strongly recommend you check for yourself especially The Last Time sample which is seriously underrated.

That really is it for today. Hopefully I’ll be working through some of the outstanding articles in the next day or so and with Oscar night nearly two weeks away I want to share that elusive review of The Dark Knight among other reviews.

For His Name's Sake

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