Sunday, February 15, 2009

It’s Just Another Sunday

Today was a good day. God has given me quite a few of those in my lifetime and I don’t often publicly state my gratitude for them. So here it is.

What made it good was that it had all the ingredients for a good day – bad points, turnarounds, good words and good company. I was saying to Authrine previously how much I felt Sundays suck. It flatters to deceive. I think I can get some kip, a bit of a rest, catching up with some stuff gathered over the week and some quality family time before church. The reality is it often just about offers enough time to turn my head and get in a decent conversation with Authrine before family demands and other requests mean that the time will be gone before church.

Today we were scheduled to meet some new family friends and there were some difficulties in terms of timing. It can really put me off and a miscommunication could have spoilt things. Thankfully the friends were brilliant. They were gracious in timing and flexible in their menu – I am undoubtedly the second fussiest eater in the world. Their company was fantastic and it was good getting to know them as we shared a bit about ourselves and the girls got to have fun with the toys available as our new friends have two children of their own. There is something about Christian fellowship that enriches conversations. It’s not about being contrived about where Christ fits in, it’s about how naturally He pervades through everything. It really brought joy to the conversation even when it became tender, vulnerable and transparent at times. I absolutely loved it and look forward to more experiences like that with them and other good Christian brothers and sisters from the large Body of Christ of which we’re a part.

From there the next highlight was getting to walk to church with my brother. I enjoy having my brother about, as you know, and so it proved with the walk and talk we had. Something I enjoy about rich conversations is that like the Garden of Eden they are served by different streams that get you buzzing. We talked about things from perspectives that were often left unresolved, but just having the talk was good in itself.

Sunday evening services are great because of their chilled format. You get contributions from others and then a stirring word to wrap up things neatly. You can find out a sample of how things go from last week’s session and I’m in the process of putting together tonight’s session which should be up by tomorrow.

A day like today proves several things to me. One, God is better than me. I mean that in the sense that where I see something of annoyance, God says He has a pleasant gift to make them seem as nothing. Second, my wife is a truly beautiful woman who is very different to me. We don’t often go out together or as a family in those kind of settings and when we do it’s often fascinating to see what kind of dynamic we’ll have and how that will affect the conversation. Today Authrine again revealed how she views our relationship that always makes me sit and reflect on things. Third, conversation is good especially when it’s life enhancing, life-refreshing and life-appreciating. Finally God started something that He has every intention of finishing and even if it takes 5, 10, 25 or 50 years, it’s worth sticking with the process because the end bit is always far better than the beginning.

Right-o – that should suffice for today. The working week lies ahead with its various challenges but I trust God to be able to make a success of it and should my life be spared to see the end of another week I hope to come back with even greater testimonies of His wonderful love in my life and the life of those in my circle of influence.

For His Name's Sake

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