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Where On The Web With DMCD – January 09 Edition

Every time I come to write something, there is always so much that I could write. Sometimes I feel as if there are things to update you on in various aspects of life. Sometimes there are current events that birth a stream of thought worth more than just a note. Sometimes it’s good to share a YouTube posting that really got me. Sometimes it’s just good to write.

As you must surely know by now I do more online than just blog and watch YouTube. (Indeed I’ve got a unfair rep just because I use videos as part of soundtrack at work, but that’s again about
getting to the heart of things.) God has blessed us with Google Reader – I have yet to be informed of an equivalent or better form of collecting regular posts on other web-sites and blogs in one useful post office as it were. I enjoy getting to read on a variety of topics what’s going on in our wonderful world. In January I noticed that I didn’t get to share with you some of the interesting stuff I was reading and so, just for you because I love you and everything here’s some of the things I came across in January that thankfully has a long sell-by-date and is worth you checking as well.

As well as being grateful to God for Google Reader, I express huge thanks to God for having online so many great sources of interest and inspiration that points me back to Him. Special mention goes to people like Jared, Alan K, Lionel, Dan, Dave B, Marcus, Abraham, Prodigal Jon, Adrian and Tim who are particularly consistent in thought-provoking output. They say iron sharpens iron and these hombres really let me know how I have to sharpen my craft.

I do love this time of year for resolutions and the like – Timmy’s
nine things are worth going through.

Prodigal Jon can be very funny and his take on
putting on a Bluetooth earpiece in church. I gotta get me a Bluetooth earpiece!

Alan is great with these Scriptures As We Live It series – this one
about the man at the gate Beautiful is hilarious and tragically true in so many cases.

When I note Alan’s
output over 2008 it makes me sick to know the brother’s been so prolific and consistent in sharing the foundations for his ministry. Absolutely sick. May God have mercy on my soul … and his!

It’s good to contrast the personal testimony formula with the great revelation of
what the gospel has done for us as expressed beautifully by Jared.

I know that the church has gone to the dogs but
this is ridiculous.

now and then, eh?

Dan has some fascinating insights into what it means to be the bride of Christ and how we can
exude that beauty for the church to see, be attracted to Christ.

Good – Josh shows me
16 easy tips to follow to write a book.

Knox does it again. During the service today I was caught up with the level of work it takes to maintain the building and thought to myself if that really is what Jesus calls us to. Then AK (of the Knox variety) places this
scripture how we live it and it all made sense.

This is a
great quote about the gospel – I hope I can remember it for the sections of teaching that will be coming up.

Just as I write this very thought I receive an email about this article about the
true nature of the Biblical church and I say a hearty amen to this picture of a community of house churches coming together.

Tim Challies puts together a great summary of what the
greatest hindrance is to the gospel today. Good reading.

Ahhh this is what I’m looking for – a series on the whole free will issue!
Part one, part two and part three can be found at the click of the button.

Amen to
this comment.

money doesn’t manipulate us does it?

We are indeed
climbing Jacob’s ladder, but hopefully not necessarily in the way described.

I’m wondering how to be a better manager of people and
this young man may have some useful tips for me.

So with Compassion 2009 in full swing this article about
the Prodigal Father is just spot on

Marcus on Digital H20 has done a four-part series on what puts people off committing to their church. It gives good insight in an issue that’s serious for our time if people realise what being a member of the Body of Christ actually means.

Part One –
Do People Know God?
Part Two –
Do People Grasp That The Gospel Is All Of Grace?
Part Three –
Do People Know What The Church Is?
Part Four –
Are People Growing As Disciples Or Have They Stalled?

Another great example of good writing is Jared re-adjusting our position in the
David and Goliath story! Here I was thinking I was the brave one with the stones ready to knock off Goliath’s head. What a pity. Still at least I still get to play Joshua in the walls of Jericho tumbling down!

101 Ways To Have A Cheerful Happy Life – this is
one of the rejected entries, which was not allowed on the grounds that it was definitely not in line with the ethos of the comment.

Marcus makes a good point about the
approach to Bible study. For me it is about what is the purpose of any exploration of scripture and I get the impression it’s about finding out about who God is especially as expressed in Christ and what that then means for us.

James Grant provides
this opening insight into a wonderful opening of state by another guy which has a brilliant bit featuring the insights of Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes.

Prodigal Jon eh? What a gift! Check this out about the
bless her heart syndrome.

For His Name’s Sake

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