Thursday, February 19, 2009


It is a pity I didn’t get to put on a post yesterday (Tuesday). I had just established a good pattern and rhythm of writing that saw me do the LJN around the midday hour and get the blog post here done by midnight. It was a rhythm that worked well and suited my needs and got me in the pattern of writing more often. It’s just a pity that I stayed up so late on Monday night/Tuesday morning that the whole of Tuesday went out of sync and so I was unable to catch up as it were.

Thankfully the rhythm has been somewhat re-started today and it’s good to be back in the groove. I love the writing thing that I have been on recently and I would love it to continue. Just want to make the time now to get my other scheduled posts up, but as ever time is a challenge in getting the right opportunities to work on those articles.

What will make it even more challenging this week is that I’m scheduled to be talking again this Sunday, so that will take whatever brain-space is left from other responsibilities. So the likelihood is that I’ll only be able to put those posts up later on Sunday if possible. That should be fine though seeing as though I intend to stay up on Sunday night into Monday morning to watch the Oscars. I wasn’t going to watch the Brits anyway and conveniently we had a cell group session tonight which reinforced the valid explanation for missing out. It is fair to say when it comes to pop music I’m not really that bothered anymore, whereas when it comes to cinema that’s more of a big deal.

I love cell group sessions just for the platform it gives to all participating to engage in the discussion and uncover something else about them that enlightens me about life and the character of God. I think it’s five sessions that I’ve been a part of … maybe six … lets mark them out – the first featured Olivia, Sarah, Authrine and myself and was about the time of looking at God the Father – since then we’ve looked at the Son, the Spirit, the Fall and now the Plan so I make that five sessions in total … could be six. In any case each session has been so riveting and enthralling and engrossing that I just hope that it will be the springboard for people to grow in faith and invite others to taste and see that God is good. I should tell you more about Sarah and Olivia – they make for fascinating reading in themselves. Now in addition to them there is Moses and Fred who are right characters however contrasting they are in nature. It is a joy to be a part of the group and I am enriched and encouraged in my walk with God.

More so today after what has proved to be a difficult afternoon in particular. The morning wasn’t so bad enjoying a journey to Wolverhampton and a fruitful meeting and another engaging journey back to Stoke-on-Trent in the company of my boss. He’s a good boss to have and the fascinating insights he was giving me in terms of the British Empire strategy made the journey finish all too soon. Then, though, I had to grapple with some correspondence and that as well as the atmosphere at work and some inconvenient developments made things awkward for me during the afternoon.

Thankfully I was able to complete one piece of correspondence but it seems as if just as one is done another needs to be done that makes things trying in terms of getting other priorities seen to. Thankfully again (I don’t want to stop being grateful for His many benefits) I am hoping to have a life-mapping session done soon to really be able to sort my stuff out and help me to see the woods for the trees in getting God’s perspectives on what He wants me to faithfully persist in and where He wants me to hang fire or drop loose completely. New seasons and new responsibilities are often hard for me to acclimatise to, but God’s grace remains ever present and so He guides me through.

In all this I am particularly grateful for the key relationships that have supported me in the time those that inspire, encourage, renew and give insight into what I’m doing. Never more than now am I glad to belong to God’s family full of bright and gifted brothers and sisters ready to help a brother in need. Well that should do it for tonight. Tomorrow (or today if you want to be fussy) is promised to no one, but in case I should be in receipt of it then there are plenty of challenges that lie ahead balancing one thing and the other, but again thankfully the grace of God will provide cover, refuge and guidance for all I am to explore for His great name’s sake.

Thank God for God!

For His Name's Sake

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