Sunday, February 01, 2009

New Month - New Things

So January’s over and it has been an interesting way to start 2009. No doubt that the centre of attention was the community launch and dedication service for the new COG Training and Conference Centre. It’s taken up a lot of time and energy and now that it’s out of the way and over with I want to focus on other projects and plans. Especially to do with making the most of this writing gig.

I am pleased that there have been so many posts in January particularly here and other on Among Friends. Sure a large contingent has been YouTube posts, but along with the launch of some other small writing initiatives in the forthcoming days, weeks and months that should change. I’m too ashamed of having YouTube posts on this one especially as I’m committed to writing as much as I can explain the point behind the posts. I love writing, though, and I’m a big fan of being able to connect what I’m reading and seeing with the writing stuff that I’m putting together. So having spent January bogged down with whatever I was bogged down with, although there’s no let up in activity I do hope to be able to spend more time this month setting stuff up for the busy spring season ahead.

February is such a funny month, especially now there’s no leap-year bonus day. It’s here and over with before you know it. The highlight of the month, obviously, is the mid-month love-fest that our dear Roman friends introduced to the cultural scheme of things. I’ve never bought into it myself despite apparently being a married man. So I don’t intend to start now. Sure we can do the talk about love over the month as it’s an opportune time, but really I am not into all that love-hearts business. Having said that the missus has worked herself close to a frazzle … again … so I hope there’ll be an opportunity to get some time away together that may happen to coincide with a certain time of the month.

There are a lot of decent movies either out at the moment or about to come out over the coming months and so I hope to be able to watch them and review them here as well. On Saturday night I managed to watch Slumdog Millionaire and I’ll be posting a review on that either tonight or realistically tomorrow. I’m also hoping to check out Frost/Nixon very soon and then I’ll be checking out The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I like reading, I like movies, I like writing, so it makes sense that I enjoy my life by making the most of these opportunities not only for my sake but also to share with others, like readers of the blog.

There’s also the continuing football season which sees Liverpool return to European football with the small matter of playing Euro giants Real Madrid to make any progress in the Champions League. Now following last month’s infamous Rafa Rant, you’d think I would be overjoyed at Liverpool’s 2-0 win today against Chelsea. I’m sure you would think I would be thrilled to bits that we have been able to do the double over the nearest threat to Old Trafford over the last three seasons. You would think that and you would be horribly wrong. That result actually makes it easier for United to retain the title and here’s the thinking. Our inability to win games has already given Man United the onus. They have a game in hand which on winning will take them five points clear and trust me, they’ll win the game in hand. Hey, even in the unlikely event that they drop two or hilariously three points they have the advantage and the experience to see this home. If Chelsea were the nearest competitors I would say there was hope. As it is the hopes of the rest of the league now fall on us to do what we haven’t even sniffed at since 1990. I have little hope that we can do it because it’s not about beating Man Utd and Chelsea, it’s about beating Stoke City, Hull City, Wigan, Everton, Portsmouth, Blackburn and Bolton Wanderers. It’s then about beating other teams as well and by doing so then and only then do we have a hope. I remain to be convinced that we are capable of going on such a run. I was reflecting however on how things are turning at the club and Rafa’s ongoing petition for more control. I am not thrilled by his approach, but I do understand his desire for control and when it’s given then he can take total responsibility for the club’s development. So if we succeed it’s down to him and if we don’t then we also know what that will mean. Come on though, Robbie Keane not good enough to be in the first team squad? Win or no win that kind of decision does no one any favours neither in the long run will it contribute to us winning further games. As I understand we beat a team with 10 men. Would we have beaten them with 11? So that will be something to endure for months ahead.

In the middle and through all of that there remains my commitment to endeavouring to follow Jesus. I have started the Michael Parkinson autobiography ‘Parkie’ and its prologue looks at a turning point for Parkinson that led for him to get to where he was. As I read it I was again reminded of the episode of Peter’s restoration to the ministry by Jesus in John 21. There are turning points in life that sets us up for the rest of our journey. I know it’s a big deal to make the most of our ‘free will’ and in today’s society choice is God, but one of the things I realise is that when certain decisions are made a certain path is almost decreed for you – there is no choice, especially when you have been chosen. Jesus’ remark to Peter near the end of the chapter is a singular calling point for me. It’s not about what other people do, it’s not about other people’s agenda it’s simply about following Jesus. I am excited about the things that have already happened this year and what is about to happen, but as I realised at a key turning point in my life back in 2006, it doesn’t mean a thing unless my only desire is Him and to follow Him. I hope the journey will be worth while tracking for you as faith and life combine to produce further episodes in the weird and wonderful world of ur man cd.

For His Name’s Sake

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