Monday, February 09, 2009

Late Night Movie Tip And Other Stuff

No you won’t recall because you haven’t read the review yet, but when you do read the review, you’ll discover that one of the prayer points we want people to hold is for Slumdog Millionaire to win the Oscar for Best Film. That reminds me to get that entry up and running which I hope to get done before the next weekend. In any case, this is a good omen as they say for the big prize in two weeks time or so.

Trust me that review is coming soon as is the book review on The Call and Tim Chester’s book. On that by the way, the reason I’ve taken it off the list is not because I don’t rate it anymore, but it’s just easier for me to have one book recommended highly at this time and that would be Guinness’ effort as will be clear when you read the review. Just to keep you informed I have just finished Michael Parkinson’s autobiography ‘Parky’. Not sure if it’s worth a full blown review like I’ll give the other two books. I read it because as an interviewer and a journalist Parky’s done some of the stuff I aspire to do – i.e. write, interview, do radio shows, look at media business opportunities, do documentaries. He has some fascinating insights to share on his experiences in the businesses. He gets to tell us about himself in what he has to say about the people and events that have surrounded him. He does come across as a bit cantankerous as though he hankers for good ol’ days that were old but not necessarily that good. For all that if you have an interest in the guy it’s a good read. Other than that not really one you’d want to spend time with.

Having completed that in fairly good time (maybe took a week, perhaps 10 days) I’ve moved onto reading Bobby Charlton’s autobiography covering his England years. What’s drawn me to it is this is the guy who still holds the record for most goals scored for England and is hugely feted as this country’s best footballer. Part of the World Cup winning side in 1966 his story would be interesting to see the journey he and his country took in claiming that most prestigious of titles. I’m into reading about winners and what made them winners to see if there’s anything I can pick up. That’s why I read the Bible so much. Reading what I have has been illuminative already with Charlton heavily affected by the 1958 Munich air disaster that claimed the lives of some of his close friends and colleagues and which he survived. It more than clouds the early parts of the book, but through that he also exalts the power of a team when it is all functioning together as it should. My kind of statement again about being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing to function right and thus contribute to the whole machine functioning well. If it works for my physical body I have no reason to doubt its effectiveness in groups, churches, workplaces and other organisations.

Also coming up is the reason why The Gospel in 3-D is the web-site of the moment. All that to come hopefully before week is over, giving me plenty to do and keeping me off the streets, which is a good thing for the pleasant citizens of Stoke-on-Trent. Keep praying for muggins so that I’ll be faithful to that which I’ve been called to do only for …

For His Name's Sake

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