Monday, February 09, 2009

So Much To Type

I don’t know what it is about today but there has been so much to type about that I’ve been putting down words and words and words and so the task is to now try and edit down.

First of all a bit of an insight into how
today’s LJN came together.

Today’s LJN is inspired the episode of The Koala Brothers that I watched on behalf of my daughters as they were either getting changed for school or messing around. Obviously they don’t make children’s programmes like they used to so the only reason I put it on is for the entertainment of the daughters. However, there are times when God is talking through even children’s television.

So this episode of TKB featured Josie who appeared to be a kangaroo. She’s an industrious helper in the shop but for some reason was not able to tie her own trainer-laces. As a result she was falling over regularly despite friends tying the things for her. She was too embarrassed to learn to tie her laces and so tried to avoid moving to let them get loose. She was invited to an afternoon meal by TKB and went with a friend only to get her laces loose and when the friend went to help only messed it up worse because she herself didn’t know how to tie laces. Rather than looking for help when it came along she passed it by and thus risked missing the meal.

Thankfully TKB sussed that something might be up and proceeded to look for their friends. On finding them they were able to sort out the laces and even get to the heart of why Josie couldn’t tie her laces. The solution was linked to a cake box that Josie had put together and wrapped in a box with a bow tie. TKB were able to get her to look at her shoes like the cake box and so tie them successfully. The moral of the story was that often we are able to solve our problems when we look at them from another perspective.

Now this is so true for me as a believer indeed my journey has been one where I recognise that progress has only been made when I choose to look at things different to how I have before. Just because there’s movement in a journey it does not mean there’s progress just as age does not mean wisdom. So just in the same way the Father promises to lead us along paths of righteousness for His name’s sake almost as if to suggest although He remains the constant there is no prescribed way that gets us through the journey.

To be fair to the other stuff I have to say I’ll save it for another blog post. This is such a positive reassuring knowledge that whatever path I choose to take I’ll get helpful signposts from the heavenly Father back on the way I should go.

As a clue to what lies ahead it has something to do with this crazy world of football that I enjoy observing and get so sad seeing the stupid things that men do. Anyhow – be prepared for changes as we follow the paths that He has set for us all.

For His Name's Sake

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